MultiValue/PICK Experience You Can Count On!

We are your one-stop shop for Pick/Multivalue development.

PICK Project Outsourcing

Choose our "Pick Team" as your project development partner.

- Top PICK Programmers...
  From Design to Implementation
- Top of the line Pick System
- 20 years average experience
- Expert Remote Developers
- Great Project Rates @ $70/hr.
- Temporary Staffing
- Save Time with our talent
- Great with Conversions
- Reliable Customer Service
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Do you need a qualified IT support staff for your network and PCs?

Our professional support team can act as Your IT Department. Let our Managed IT handle your:
- System Monitoring
- Hardware Upgrades
- Scheduled Maintenance
- Performance Tuning
- PC Security Updates
- Secure Off-site Data Backup
- Emergency Failure Response
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Over 400 years of combined software experience.

Our PICK Database programmers have experience in:
- Health Care & Insurance
- Financial & Retail
- Manufacturing & Distribution
- Lease Management Software
- Government ...and more!
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